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Washoe County Fostering Documents

Co-Parenting and Visitation

Family Engagement Center First Visit Form

Department of Social Services Memos

QPI and Foster Parent Involvement (7/2013)
Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) (7/2013)

Extraordinary Needs

Extraordinay Needs Assessment

Financial Empowerment Toolkit

Get Tax Savvy - What You Need to Know About Taxes
A Financial Empowerment Toolkit for Youth and Young Adults in Foster Care

Creating a Credit Profile - How To Build Your Credit

Know Your Credit History - How to Interpret a Credit Report
Protect Yourself and Your Stuff - What You Need to Know About Insurance

Foster Care Reimbursements

New! 2019 Payment Schedule

Foster Family Forms

Boarder Application
Clothing Inventory Checklist
CPR and First Aid Classes and TB Testing
Direct Care Staff Member Application
Direct Care Staff Renewal Application
Disaster Plan Examples
Disaster Plan Template
en Español Ejemplos del Plan de Desastre
Emergency Safety Plan
en Español Formulario de Reportero Obligatorio
General Physical Examination
Injury Report
Insurance Requirements
Landlord Statement
Mandated Reporter Form
Medical History Form
Medical History Form Instructions
Non-Primary Application
Non-Primary Renewal Application
OTC and Prescription (non-psych) Medication Consent and Log
en Español Plan de Emergencia ante Desastre
Relicensing Checklist
WCDSS Fire & Safety - Fire Drill Practice Report

Forms for Foster Homes

Nevada's Foster Child/Youth Bill of Rights
Educational Stability Guideline Form
Partnership Plan
en Español Plan de Asociación del Condado de Washoe
Quality Parenting Standards for Foster Homes
WCDSS 1003 Confirming Safe Environments - Assessing Safety in Kin and Foster Home Placements

Foster Parent Requirements

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 424 - Foster Homes for Children
Nevada Administrative Code: Chapter 424 - Foster Homes for Children
Agreement for Provision of Foster Care Services

Independent Living

Aged Out Health - Medicaid
Banking Basics
Budgeting Basics
Educational Planning
How to Find an Apartment
IL Case Management Checklist
Introduction to Independent Living Modules
Independent Living Modules (2/6/2018)
Job Maintenance Skills
Job Seeking Skills
Knowledge of Community Resources
IL Health Basics - Medicaid

Just in Time Training Information

Frequently Asked Questions
en Español Preguntas Frecuentes
Relicensing Training Hours


Supporting Your LGBTQ Youth: A Guide for Foster Parents

Safety & Resources

Button Battery Safety Tips (from www.safekidswc.com)
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Tips (from www.safekidswc.com)
Basic Care Seat Safety (from www.safekidswc.com)
The Car Seat Lady
Child Care Resource and Referral (from www.childrenscabinet.org)
Child Care Resource and Referral Services (from www.childrenscabinet.org)
Choking and Strangulation Prevention Tips (from www.safekidswc.com)
Código de Fuego
Family Ties of Nevada Guide (from www.familytiesnv.org)
Fire Code
Gun Safety Tips (from www.safekidswc.com)
Medication Safety Tips (from www.safekidswc.com)
Poisoning Prevention Tips (from www.safekidswc.com)
Pool & Spa Safety Tips (from www.safekidswc.com)
QPI Investigations Information Form
REMSA Community Program Links
Respite and Volunteer Experiences (RAVE) (from www.raveforkids.org)
Safe Sleep for Your Baby (from www.nichd.nih.gov/sids)
Swaddling and the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A Meta-analysis (from Children's Safety Network)

Social Services Contacts

Caseload by Zip Codes
Family Resource Centers
Staff Email List
Staff Phone List

Water Safety

Pool Safely: Simple Steps Save Lives