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What is the Empowered to Connect Conference?

Led by the TCU Institute of Child Development, the Empowered To Connect Conference although originally geared towards the foster adopt world, it is for ministry leaders, professionals, parents and educators who deal with any children who come from hard places and it is designed to help them connect with the children in order to help them heal and become the kids that God desires for them to be.

You get to choose when and where your watch the conference. You just need to register anytime between now and May 25th (to allow time to watch all the material).

You will be able to watch the conference over time as long as you are done viewing by May 31. This will allow you to watch it as your time at home and/or work allows and even rewind and replay sections as needed (you never know when something might come up in the middle of a segment you really wanted to see).

Once you register you will receive an email (within two business days) from Show Hope titled: Empowered to Connect Event 2018 that will include your personal link to the videos of the conference and links to resources (such as a learning guide and much more that you can refer to while viewing the conference).

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Nevada's Just in Time Training is a web based service program designed to connect foster parents, kinship or other caregivers with training, peer experts and other resources. Questions are answered and practical solutions to care for children are discussed - all from the comfort of your home or office.

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Creating Boundaries November 2018
Incarcerated Parents August 2018

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