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In the video shorts and tips below, watch and learn as foster/adoptive parents and youth, the experts, tell their stories and provide insight on various topics and situations.

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Behaviors     (^Top)

Thoughts on Challenging Behaviors


Co-Parenting     (^Top)

Working with Biological Families


Foster Parenting     (^Top)

Advocating for Your Child

Becoming a Foster Parent

Impacts on the Home

Learning and Support

The Foster Culture

Learning About Your Child

Quality Parenting Community

Your Child

Independent Living / Caring for Teenagers     (^Top)

Caring for Teenagers


Systems     (^Top)

Working with the Courts

Working with Caseworkers


Transitions     (^Top)

A Child's Transition Home

Welcoming a Child

Youth Perspectives     (^Top)

New! Have a Heart: Thank You

Devon's Story

A Youth's Perspective