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Advanced Training for Foster & Adoptive Parents, when and where you need it.

Foster parents nurture children who have experienced trauma and provide a safe, loving and healing environment in which the children can thrive. They are parenting partners who honor and support family relationships.

Foster parents are dedicated informed and committed advocates for children. They are instrumental and fully supported members of the child and family team.

Great foster parents make a difference for children and families in our community.


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About Us

The Quality Parenting Initiative, a strategy of the Youth Law Center, is an approach to strengthening foster care, refocusing on excellent parenting for all children in the child welfare system. It was launched in 2008 in Florida, and as of 2018, over 75 jurisdictions in 10 states (California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin) have adopted the QPI approach.

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Creating Boundaries November 2018
Incarcerated Parents August 2018

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